Treasures of pre-cinema history 

The magic lantern


225 Florenz. Santa Croce. Inneres.

Florence. Santa Croce. Interior.

334 La Pieta. Rom, St. Peter's Basilika.

La Pieta. Rome, St. Peter's Basilica.

7422 Hof des Dogenpalastes (Venedig)

Courtyard of the Doge's Palace (Venice)

7429 Dom. Inneres.

Cathedral. Interior.

Photographic print

7460 Vatikan. Bibliothek.

Vatican library

Photographic print

7464 Forum Romanum, von Süden aus gesehen (Capitol im Hintergrund)

Roman Forum, seen from the south (Capitol in the background)

7557 Canal Grande. (Venedig)

Canal Grande in Venice

7729 Blick auf den Vatikan von der Peterskuppel.

View of the Vatican from St Peter's dome.

7730 Blick auf den Petersplatz von der Peterskuppel

View of St Peter's Square from St Peter's

7741 Dom von der Seite. (Florenz)

Cathedral from the side. (Florence)

7742 Dom. Inneres. (Florenz).

Cathedral. Interior. (Florence).

7747 Ponte Vecchio. (Florenz)

Ponte Vecchio. (Florence)

7756 Hof der Brera. (Mailand)

Court of the Brera. (Milan)

7762 Palazzo Publico. (Sienna)

Publico Palace. (Sienna)

7763 Orvieto. Dom.

Orvieto. Dom.

7769 Basilica superiore di San Francesco d'Assisi

Upper Basilica of St Francis of Assisi

7774 San Marco, Inneres (Chor), Venedig

San Marco, interior (choir), Venice